dan hines​

 Leadership Coach & Facilitator

 I'm a facilitator, a consultant, a coach, a community activist, a priest,

and a founder of a housing co-operative...

but I must also add that my life experience was enhanced over the years

of my being a zoo manager, a contractor, a project manager, and a university instructor.

I travel for my work and I love the various cultural settings in China, Central America and throughout North America over these past years of invitations to provide what I offer.

It has been amazing.


 The richest roles of my life have been to experience the joys, sorrows and learning of being the dad of two amazing young women and as a very grateful spouse to the ever inspiring Robyn!

Another significant piece of life has been my journey

with nine other loving people in creating an intentional living community together:

the RareBirds Housing Co-operative in Kamloops BC: my home.

I feel the most integrated and in connection with Source

 when I am reading, meditating, moving in yoga, hiking and camping... 

but cooking and sharing a good meal with friends is always a delight!

Mostly, I am learning to be:

to be present to my life;

and to make the world better for having shown up here.

I am learning to listen to how my life speaks to me.