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about daN

I'm a soulful guide: this informs my roles as a facilitator, a consultant, a coach, a community activist, a poet, an Anglican priest, and a founder of a housing co-operative. But I must also add that my life experience was enhanced over the years of my being a zoo manager, a contractor, a project manager, and a university instructor. I've also found it enriching to engage in political change and social justice work, to run for public office in two provincial elections and to help influence the public discourse. 


I travel for my work and I love the various cultural settings in China, Central America and throughout North America over these past years of invitations It has been amazing.


The richest roles of my life have been to experience the joys, sorrows and learning of being the dad of two amazing young women, Skye and Ali, and as a very grateful spouse to the ever-inspiring yogi Robyn!


Another significant piece of life has been co-creating an intentional living community together: the RareBirds Housing Co-operative.


I feel the most integrated and in connection with Source when I am sailing. We have a beautiful 46' Hunter sailboat that we provide experiences for others on Okanagan Lake. I also love reading, meditating, moving in yoga, gardening, and hiking: cooking and sharing a good meal with friends is always a delight!


I was born and raised in the unceded traditional territory of the Secwépemc people (Kamloops, BC) and my ancestors have been ranchers, loggers, and government employees in the valley for three generations.


Mostly, I am learning to be present to my life and to make my community (human and more than human) better for having shown up here.


​I am learning to listen to how my life speaks to me.



How I Approach My Work

I strive to create a more just, compassionate and healthy world. My calling is to help nurture personal and professional integrity and the courage to act on it. I've found that when leaders bring integrity and humanity to the places where they live and work, it is life giving. It helps to overcome the destructive results of so much of what I witness everyday: moral failure, distrust, stress, isolation, fatigue and burnout.


I am inspired by the thousands of competent and compassionate individuals who have graced my life in one of the programs I have guided or who explore life in individual sessions with me. They provide leadership in some of society’s most crucial roles: educating children and young adults, healing others, caring for patients, leading faith communities and congregations, guiding teams and organizations, serving in government, directing companies, and fostering civic community. I'm so grateful to accompany these engaged and compassionate souls.

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