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Ice Breaking Beneath My Feet...

Breaking the ice… this moment of finally sitting down and starting to write this initial blog post has been thought about for some time now! My desire to begin a blog of pondering and musing has been growing from the urging of others (who actually think I have something to write about!). It also arises from an expressive need to have this place to give voice to some reflections on life experience. I journal, but to put some of my journal in front of others raises the stakes of truth telling. A blog is mostly for my own sake, I must admit. I hope it might serve some value for someone too. My retreat facilitation experience has revealed to me that we are most honest when we hold the tension of being ‘solitudes in community’… it seems that a public written expression is yet another practice of solitude in community .

I consider the lives of those who have intersected my life and as I consider someone reading these words that I type on my Toshiba by the front window.

This community creates both the raw material of life as well as a beautiful container to hold all that learning within.

Ok… a little more throttle and let’s hope that we don’t hit too much pack ice!


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