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Podcast: Learning to Listen (Jennifer Dawn Watts)

I was invited as a guest on Jennifer Dawn Watts' podcast called "Recovering". Jennifer Dawn Watts is embracing recovery: for herself, and for the people she meets in her clinic, faith community, and daily life. Our conversation is about learning to listen.

Here's what Jennifer writes about our conversation:

"Are you a good listener? How can we create open and safe spaces to hear one another - rather than fixing, saving or advising. What is an open, honest question? My friend Dan Hines happened to be in my city right after I mentioned him in a previous episode so I took him up on the opportunity to hang out and brought my gear to record a conversation.

Dan’s retreats are one of the only other spaces, apart from 12 Step recovery, that I've experienced similar levels of honesty and safety in a group gathering. What is unique about these Circles of Trust (through Parker Palmer’s teaching and the Centre for Courage and Renewal) is that they can include a time of discernment for group members where others participate in helping the member discern. Especially in times like these we could all benefit from learning to really listen to one another, being present to their experience, and helping each other to tap into our inner wisdom and Guide."


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